Terms and Conditions

I understand, if applicable, my automatic charges/withdrawls will continue on  a bi-weekly basis until I have notified Fulton.Pro – 30 days notification is required to terminate your bi-weekly payments must be sent by email  30days@fulton.ca or by text to 905-932-7873.
  I, if applicable, hereby authorise the , credit card of any financial institution which I/We may indemnify to debit my account each bi-weekly for all payments payable to Fulton Fitness in payment of my membership. Your treatment of each  debit shall be the same as if had personally issued a cheque. Delivery of this authorisation to you constitutes delivery by Me/Us. I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the conditions of membership  herein. Payments are non-refundable. All pre-authorized memberships sold after March 1 2021 are subject to an annual (January 1) $25 price guarantee/service fee.**   I have read and agree to the conditions above, and paragraphs A—S of this agreement.
The Agreement is made subject to the following covenants and conditions:

A) The member is not entitled to assign this agreement or his membership here-under and any assignment is null and void.

B) Each member represents that he is medically able to participate in and undertake physical exercise and to use facilities and further represents that he is not aware of having any physical, medical or health disability, condition or disease which might or could be aggravated or worsened by physical exercise, or which might or could result in deterioration of health if physical exercise is undertaken. Each member acknowledges that the Fulton Fitness and its representative and employees offer no guarantee or warranty, written or verbal, that the programme’s advice or facilities have been approved by any medical authority.

C) Each member hear by releases the Fulton Fitness, and its representative directors, officers and employees of and form;

Any claim whatsoever hereafter arising by reason of any Member suffering disease, deterioration of health, illness or aggravation of condition of ill health as a result of participating in the programs, acceptance of the advice or use of the facilities provided by the Fulton Fitness;
Any claim for personal injury sustained by any Member in, on or about the facilities, including without limitation any claims for personal injuries resulting from and arising out of negligence of the Fulton Fitness, its directors, officers or employees, or the negligence of any person using the facilities, and acknowledges that he uses the facilities at his own risk.
The member acknowledges that there will be times when the facilities will not be supervised.
D) Members may freeze their membership at any time for any reason. We require written notice of 2 weeks for paid in full membership. 30 days notice for monthly payment membership.

E) The Fulton Fitness does not act as bailee of the personal property of any Member, and the Fulton Fitness shall not be liable for the theft of, loss or damage to, the personal property and effects of any Member.

F) Each Member agrees to keep and obey all rules and regulations now in force or in future prescribed by the Fulton Fitness. The Fulton Fitness shall have the right to revoke any membership for cause, of any Member fails to keep and obey all such rules and regulations, without refund to the Member of any monies paid to the Fulton Fitness or to any assignee of the aforementional negotiable instrument. Each member agrees that, while using the facilities, he will not conduct himself in any way which presents a danger to or creates a nuisance for the staff, or the other personal using the facilities, or disrupts the staff in the carrying out of their duties.

Members must swipe on each visit or key will be deactivated. Key reactivation fee is $ 25.00. Key replacement fee is $ 25.00.
T-shirts or sweats and proper footwear (no bare or socket feet) must be worn in the work out areas. No Street attire will be allowed. Gym bags & jackets shall not be permitted in the work out area and towels must be placed on all gym upholstered equipment in use.
Members convent and agree to refrain from the use of any unnecessary noise or profanity and to further refrain from dropping weights, loose plates, dumbbells, barbells, and shall always replace same. Any Abuse of equipment is strictly prohibited. A two week suspension will follow a second warning.
The Member shall be responsible for the cost of replacement or repair for damage to the premises or equipment whether done accidentally or otherwise and shall forthwith makes payments for same on demand. Locker rental is $ 10 per month.
The use of any kind of drug(s) and/or alcohol including performance enhancing drug(s) is strictly prohibited.
Lockers may be used by Members only while on the premises. Members unless renting a locker shall remove their belongings and locks when they exit the premises or locks may be removed at the Member’s expense.
Vehicles parked on designated staff parking only areas will be towed at owner’s expense.
All Members must be courteous to other members pertaining to time on each apparatus, special attention to circuit training and cardio equipment. Limit 1 set per apparatus on circuit training and 30 minutes maximum on cardio equipment when others are waiting.
(G) Except as prevented by fires, war, strikes, government regulations or similar causes, the Fulton Fitness shall during the membership period maintain hours of center availability, substantially as maintained at the date of this Agreement.

(H) Each Member agrees to swipe their security access key card each and every time he wishes to use the facilities. Each Member acknowledges that in the event that his card is lost or destroyed,Fitness may require an affidavit or other piece of evidence setting forth the relevant circumstances and a $25.00 Key replacement fee.

(|) Guest passes are not available at this time

(K) Words importing the masculine gender shall include the female gender. The invalidity of any paragraph or provision hereby shall not affect the validity of the other paragraphs as set forth therein. This Agreement may be modified only by an instrument in writing.

(L) The Member acknowledges that no representatives, understandings or agreement were made by or with the Fulton Fitness, its directors, officers or employees except as set forth herein. This Agreement may be modified only by an instrument in writing.

(M) Any notice to the Fulton Fitness hereunder shall be deemed to have been duly given if given in writing and mailed to address shown on the face of this agreement unless such Member given the Fulton Fitness notice in writing of a new address.

(N) This agreement is for a period of specified months after which if you have chosen the pre-authorized payment method then the agreement and payments will continue on a no-contract monthly/semi-monthly basis until we have been notified. 30 days notice is required in writing via registered mail to terminate pre-authorized chequing or credit automatic monthly/semi-monthly payments.

(0) After ten(10)days from the date of contract this membership is non-cancellable and non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever. All cancellations must be made by midnight of Fulton Fitness’10th business day after the date of this agreement. Such cancellations must be in writing, sent certified mail to Fulton Fitness14 James St, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5B8. Such cancellations must be postmarked by the aforementioned date.

We also will accept cancellations by email via Membership@fulton.ca or by texting 905-932-7873.

(P) I acknowledge that during the ‘Facility’s’ regular business hours of operation there may be time when the capacity attendance of members reaches maximum or above maximum and that it is incumbent upon me at which times I prefer to use the facilities.

(Q) DEFAULT/OVERDUE; Upon default in any of the scheduled payments of Fulton Fitness may at its option declare the whole or any part of the balance to be immediately due and payable, and the Buyer agrees to pay the interest on the amount so declared at the rate of 3% per month 36% year calculated from the date of the default.

(R)A further processing fee of $35.00 per declined  payment  will be charged.

(S) If you have elected to pay any or all membership dues or renewal dues through the automatic payment plan you understand that it is completely your responsibility to notify Fulton Fitness if you choose to change the withdrawals or charge to any other alternative account(s) of your choice other than the account(s) authorized on the reverse side hereof. For the notification Fulton Fitness requires 30 days written notice prior to your next scheduled withdrawal. You also understand that it is your responsibility to notify Fulton Fitness 30 days in advance of an upcoming credit card expiration date, if needed be, so your membership dues may continue as per schedule to keep your membership in good standing. For withdrawals, a voided cheque must accompany notice. For credit card changes Fulton Fitness requires the cardholders name, account number, and date of expiry.

All changes to membership agreement re:extension, banking info, etc. Requires a $25.00 administrative fee. Allowing an un-authorized entry into the gym will result in temporary key access suspension. $50 key reactivation fee may apply. Any weights not returned to racks may also result in temporary key access suspension.

Club rules:

  • Return Weights To Rack After Use.
  • Sanitize Equipment After Use.
  • Use A Spotter when lifting.
  • Do not Drop The Weights.
  • No Food on gym floor area.
  • No Boxing or Wrestling.
  • No unnecessary noise
  • No Gym Chalk Allowed
  • Do Not let anyone into the gym!  Your key access will be de-activated if you allow an unathourized (member or non-member)to access the gym.

14 James Street, St. Catharines, ON L2R 5B8

Tel: 905-932-7873

Web: www.fulton.ca

Email: membership@fulton.ca